Root Canal Therapy

Before learning about root canal therapy let’s briefly know about tooth structure
Tooth is comprised of three layers (outside the gum) namely enamel, dentin and pulp. Inside the gum it’s just two layers root dentin and pulp. Enamel is toughest layer.
Cavities occuring on enamel and dentin can be restored to normal shape and function with modern restorative materials and techniques.
If cavity has entered into pulp space and is painful, that tooth will require an root canal therapy.

Wat is an root canal therapy?
It is a procedure by which the pulp or the nerve of the tooth is removed and the space where nerve is seated is cleaned and filled thoroughly. Once therapy is done properly the tooth will become painless and won’t be infectious anymore.

How is the procedure done?
The tooth requiring therapy will be first anaesthetised under local anaesthesia. Once profound anaesthesia is achieved, all decayed structured is removed using high speed air turbine and access into pulp space is made. Then the pulp is removed with help of modern endo motors and Apex locators. Afterwards the shaped pulp space or root canal is cleaned with disinfectant solutions to ensure hundred percentage antibacterial activity. Once shaping and cleaning is done the tooth is now ready to recieve root canal filling which is done with new age filling material and techniques aided with digital x-rays.
Once the root canal therapy is done its time for tooth to recieve it’s dentin and enamel replacement followed by a crown.

Like ways if root canal therapy done at another centre is still paining or improper, same tooth can be rectified with Re-treatment Root canal therapy and can be made the tooth pain free.

If the tooth is badly broken down we have a solution called as ‘Post n Core’ to complement lost tooth structure. A fibre reinforced post is inserted into the largest canal and bonded so that the tooth and post will act as an single unit giving adequate strength to sustain biting forces.

In an event where there isn’t adequate height of tooth over the gums to place crown we have an treatment called as ‘Crown lengthening’. An electro cautery machine is used to trim the gums and expose more of tooth structure which is hidden under gums. Patient can opt this procedure as it is not bleeding and painful one. Thus crowns which come out of the tooth easily can be made highly retentive.